Self Employed Community Midwife

I am a German trained registered self employed community midwife. I have been working in Cork, Ireland since 1990. My work is mainly helping women and their families to birth their babies at home.
I worked in several maternity hospitals since I qualified in Hannover, Germany in 1983. Since I started community midwifery here in Cork, I have delivered approximately 500 babies.
Apart from working in the HSE home birth service I am a private lactation consultant (IBCLC), antenatal teacher, baby massage instructor (CIMI) and placenta encapsulation specialist (IPEN).


Cathie, Cork
I simply can not recommend Elke enough. From the moment we spoke I knew she was the midwife for me. She is a true professional. Incredibly informed, direct, gentle & empathic with a lightness & humour i really appreciated.
Eavan, Cork
Thanks Elke for everything you did for our family. You spoke up for us, informed us, listened to us and laughed with us. You helped make this pregnancy and birth a really happy time. I always felt safe and respected with you and would recommend your services to anyone planning a home birth.
Katie, West Cork:
Elke, we found you when we were just 8 weeks pregnant… you answered all my questions over the phone and really guided me (being an expat and new to Ireland!) the journey with you has been so comforting, knowledgeable, and professional… Our son (first baby) came July 7 2017 at home, and I was SO grateful to you, your wisdom and midwifery skills. This is how pregnancy and birth should feel.

Tel: 087 252 5771

Web: Corkhomebirth.ie


Bronagh Twomey,

Clutter Clear Coach

Hello! My name is Bronagh Twomey and I am a professional Clutter Clear Coach. I live on the outskirts of Rylane, Co. Cork. In my previous profession I worked closely with families in their homes setting goals and teaching communication skills.

In my own life, I truly value the skill of decluttering, letting go of items that do not serve me well anymore. I like the idea of sharing our unused items with others by selling them on to others or giving them away for free. I dislike waste and that was as a result part of being brought up to respect items that were bought with hard earned money!

The process of decluttering is not about “getting rid of your stuff.” It is about taking an inventory of what you have in your house/wardrobe/garage/shed and seeing does this match up with what I am doing right now and what I would like for the future? It is about making informed decisions about items you truly love and need and letting go of the rest. It’s about being honest with yourself. In Ireland, we suffer from post Famine anxiety. We have been brought up to prepare for the worst-case scenario and some people should “keep everything just in case.” This creates a lot of clutter in houses and garages around the country. Clutter can reflect what’s happening in a person’s mind. If your home is cluttered and it is overwhelming I can expect that your thoughts are too. You may find it harder to make decisions and strive to achieve your personal goals.

As a constant Declutterer, I see how it helps me in other areas of my life. It can kick start the process of dealing with difficult emotions that are stirred up when I look, feel and touch items that remind me of a past relationship or experience. I’m not a believer in forgetting the past but I don’t believe we need to keep everything we have ever owned, even if it is broken or we don’t like it, or it “cost a lot of money at one stage.” If we hang onto everything we are not allowing ourselves the freedom to grow and form new opinions and learn new skills.

I understand the satisfaction in having an organised, clear space in order to live my own life following my passions! I especially don’t like being tied down to cleaning the house at the weekend and having a lot of clutter makes cleaning twice as difficult.

People always ask me is your home empty and always tidy so? My answer is no. I enjoy a warm welcoming home that is lived in but inviting for friends and family. I love to help people uncover their best and feel the freedom of living in an organised space.

I enjoy meeting and creating a respectful relationship with my clients working together to discover all about the joy of living a clutter free life.

My clients get started with my help and I teach them decluttering tips along the way. They learn the value of decluttering and organising and how to stay organised.





Claire Dunniece

   – Cork Yoga with Claire


Claire left a career in accounting to follow her dream and become a yoga teacher.  Juggling a non-stop, stress filled life of work, deadlines & exams had left her burnt out and suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. A yoga practitioner for over a decade she knew what was needed to heal herself and went to India to undertake her teacher training with the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Goa. She now passionately shares her teachings on the use of yoga to enable us to maintain essential life balance. Yoga is more than just exercise for Claire, it is a lifestyle which has taught her how to breathe, move and live with ease.

Claire teaches weekly gentle and ashtanga inspired classes in RB Fitness Centre, Ballincollig. She also runs popular ‘Relax & De-Stress Sundays’ where she shares the importance and value of true rest for the mind, body and soul.

She also runs Prana Yoga Retreats with her husband, Piotr Walkowski, a Food Technician and talented vegetarian chef. Together they provide the ultimate retreat experiences where guests can rest, nourish and revitalise themselves.

For more information on classes and retreats visit www.corkyogawithclaire.ie

What people are saying about Claire

Relax & De-Stress Sundays

A lovely relaxing class I did the 1 to 3 o’clock class last Sunday, Claire’s voice is so calming and soothing it feels you have been renewed and refreshed for the rest of day and week thanks Claire for a lovely class



Kenmare Weekend Retreat

Thank you, Claire, for an amazing weekend Retreat. You have an amazing gift and I feel so lucky to have found you. A more patient, kind and gentle teacher you will not find anywhere.



The Rest & De-stress Retreat provided by Claire and Piotr was amazing. Claire was so tuned in to my and others needs and ability that I felt completely at ease and comfortable in every class. Claire has a wonderful warm personality. She is so gentle, kind and she has a genuine love in what she imparts to all those who participated on this Retreat. The great dishes and food provided by Piotr were wonderful, tasty, generous and so fresh. My final thoughts leaving our lovely venue and saying goodbye were “oh I so wish this could continue and I don’t want to leave”





Bethan O’Riordan

      – Resilient Minds


Bethan is a counsellor, psychotherapist and Mum of 3 who has been working closely with families for over 10 years.  Her work involves listening to the needs of individuals and families and working with them to achieve their goals.  This varies from working with parents around areas such as post natal depression, anxiety and wellbeing to exploring how to meet children’s behavioural and emotional needs.  Bethan’s work incorporates a range of approaches including CBT, Compassionate Mind Training and neuroscience so parents enhance skills in supporting themselves and supporting the developing brains of their children.

For more information see @Resilient.Minds.Ireland or www.resilientminds.ie[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]